A Brand New Ability Guidebook For India!! Let’s go visit Ajanta Ellora Caves!

It is always fun when I get a book done for another country! I’m really pleased to announce India has another book! Anyone want to translate??!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The Ajanta Ellora Caves!

You can find the book here: https://www.canva.com/design/DADIgYyY7pg/5tkksawSZx5rQyR0OGoWCA/view?utm_content=DADIgYyY7pg&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton

Soon Washington, D.C. Will Have More Ability Guidebooks Than Portland!

Every time I go on a trip I try to get at least one Ability Guidebook out of it. In September I had the honor to speak on a panel for ECRA-The Education Civil Rights Alliance. I’m proud to be one of their Fellowship of Leading Educators who are fighting for social justice. My hotel was just off of Dupont Circle so I will have several books coming out for that neighborhood in the coming weeks!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To Dupont Circle-2

Follow this link to the PDF! https://www.canva.com/design/DADGiOHrCck/46DER-d_xRzuqoMmV5blxQ/view?utm_content=DADGiOHrCck&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton



An Easy Ability Guidebook to Visit The Gandhi Statue in Washington, D.C.

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To See The Ghandi Statue

I will be adding some new books in the coming weeks with the word EASY on the cover. These are a new set of Ability Guidebooks for very easy to visit destinations. I see these as simple outings with minimal steps for success. For many of my students these simple visits allowed them to have a quick and successful visit into the community. These successes prepare the students to begin visiting more complex places in the community.

I’m pleased to introduce the newest Ability Guidebook: I Am Going To See The Gandhi Statue!


A New Ability Guidebook for the District Six Museum in Cape Town, South Africa!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To District Six Museum!

I’m thrilled to announce the newest Ability Guidebook! This one is for The District Six Museum in Cape Town!


More Free Supports for People with Autism in Johannesburg! I Am Going To Sisulu Square!

Walter Sisulu Square is one of the most important spots in recent South African History. I am pleased to announce that there is now an Ability Guidebook to help autistic people visit this important place in the history of apartheid and civil rights.

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To Walter Sisulu Square!


Johannesburg Has Their First Ability Guidebook! I Am Going to the Nelson Mandela House! Free online autism support!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The Nelson Mandela House!

I’m really thrilled that Johannesburg has their first Ability Guidebook! This free online support will help autistic people and people with travel anxiety go to the Nelson Mandela House!




A New Support For Autistic People in South Africa! I Am Going To The South African National Gallery!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The South African National Gallery

If I had my wish, every museum in the world would have an Ability Guidebook. I’m pleased to say that the South African National Gallery of Art now has a book!



With Heartfelt Thanks to the NEA Foundation: South Africa Has It’s Very First Ability Guidebook. I Am Going to The Company’s Park!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The Company's Garden

I am so pleased to announce that I have finished the first Ability Guidebook from my NEA Foundation Global Fellowship. For the past year members of the fellowship worked on curriculum projects under the direction of Harvard’s Dr Fernando Reimers. I’m pleased that just as that book tops the top Kindle curricula download list (check it out at Amazon!) I’ve finished the first Guidebook for South Africa. In July I travelled, along with NEA Foundation employees and over 40 U.S. teachers to South Africa to meet with teachers and students and to have a deep immersion into the recent Apartheid past of the country.

In the coming months I will be sharing fifteen Ability Guidebooks that I will create from this amazing trip. I am grateful to the NEA Foundation to help bring these first supports for people with autism in South Africa. I hope my fifteen books will inspire people in South Africa to create more books and that these are just the seeds being planted to create a country-wide system of supports for people with travel anxiety, for kids on field trips and for autistic people.

South Africa is the 38th country to have an Ability Guidebook. I hope I can find some people to translate into the local languages!


Because I LOVE the National Parks! A Guide To Help Kids With Autism Meet Woodsy Owl!!

There is nothing worse than taking your class to an assembly only to have to leave because one of your kids is having a melt-down. I love the outreach programs the National Park Services provide, including school visits by Woodsy Owl and Smokey the Bear.

If your children are about to meet Woodsy, here is a guide to show them the rules and help them not be scared!

I Am Going To Meet Woodsy Owl!

And remember….give a hoot, don’t pollute!

I Am Going To Meet Woodsy Owl!-5




I Am Going To The Galileo Galilei Planetarium! The First Ability Guidebook for Argentina!

It’s a very busy time but somehow I’ve managed to get the first Guidebook for Argentina done!! Mike has promised to translate it into Spanish but if you can translate, Please volunteer!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The Galileo Galilei Planetarium-2

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The Galileo Galilei Planetarium-2