An Ability Guidebook for Madagascar!! I Am Going to the Avenue of the Baobabs!

There is nothing better than creating the first Ability Guidebook for a new country! I am so pleased to announce that I Am Going to the Avenue of the  is the very first Guidebook for Madagascar!

Ability Guidebook Avenue of the Baobabs Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 9.10.47 AM

The Stellenbosch Village Museum, South Africa now has an Ability Guidebook to support autistic visitors!

Stellenbosch, South Africa has their very first Ability Guidebook! This will support autistic visitors to the Village Museum.

I want to humbly thank the National Education Association Foundation for honoring me for choosing me for their Global Fellowship not once, but twice. This fellowship has allowed me to create over a dozen Ability Guidebooks for Peru and South Africa. The NEAF in an incredible supporter of people with special needs and I am forever grateful!

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 11.04.42 PM

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The Stellenbosch Village Museum!


Just in time for the new school year! The Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland gets an Ability Guidebook!

It is always fun to create a new Ability Guidebook for my home city of Portland, Oregon!  The Lan Su Chinese Garden in downtown Portland is one of the absolute gems of the city!! This book will support autistic people visiting the garden! It makes a great field trip guide for younger grades as well.

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 6.20.35 PM

FINAL Ability Guidebook Lan Su Chinese Garden


Soon Washington, D.C. Will Have More Ability Guidebooks Than Portland!

Every time I go on a trip I try to get at least one Ability Guidebook out of it. In September I had the honor to speak on a panel for ECRA-The Education Civil Rights Alliance. I’m proud to be one of their Fellowship of Leading Educators who are fighting for social justice. My hotel was just off of Dupont Circle so I will have several books coming out for that neighborhood in the coming weeks!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To Dupont Circle-2

Follow this link to the PDF!



An Easy Ability Guidebook to Visit The Gandhi Statue in Washington, D.C.

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To See The Ghandi Statue

I will be adding some new books in the coming weeks with the word EASY on the cover. These are a new set of Ability Guidebooks for very easy to visit destinations. I see these as simple outings with minimal steps for success. For many of my students these simple visits allowed them to have a quick and successful visit into the community. These successes prepare the students to begin visiting more complex places in the community.

I’m pleased to introduce the newest Ability Guidebook: I Am Going To See The Gandhi Statue!