A California student just stepped up and translated I Am Going to the Getty Villa into Spanish!

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This is one of those dreams come true for me! For those of you who follow this blog you know my hope is that I make these book as examples for other people to create books for their own communities.  I know I can only create so many books and so I dream of other people stepping up.

Today I am sharing our newest Ability Guidebook. This one is special because it is a Spanish translation of I Am Going to the Getty Villa! The Getty Villa book is special. I created it to go along with a video lesson put out by The Teaching Channel and the Getty Museum.


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A student in California, who was working on a play about a young autistic man heard about the Getty Guidebook and translated the book into Spanish. Erik Arrazola knew that there were many people in the Los Angeles area who are Spanish speakers, and he knew that there are autistic people who could use the Guidebook if it was in Spanish.

I often say these books are to help open doors for autistic people. They provide that support for those who have anxiety about going to new places. For Erik to step up and translate just opened a door for Spanish speakers with an interest in the Getty Villa.  Thank you Erik, not just from me, but from the entire community who will benefit from your work!

Ability Guidebook_ SP I Am Going To The J Paul Getty Museum SPANISH

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