¡Yo Voy al Museo Larco! A New Spanish Ability Guidebook for Lima!!

This weekend I was in Washington, D.C. for the National Education Association Foundation’s Global Fellowship conference. I am excited to say that I have been named an NEA Global Fellow and will travel to South Africa representing US educators. There are only a couple of teachers who have ever been named to this prestigious Fellowship twice and I’m proud to represent special educators.

(Spanish Copy) I Am Going To The Larco Museum, Lima, Peru

In 2015 I was sent to Peru to meet with teachers and leaders in the Peru Department of Education. This Ability Guidebook came from that visit and I am forever grateful to the NEA Foundation for allowing me to make my first international Guidebooks.

During this year’s conference I found myself sitting next to Sarah Merchlewits. When I showed her I Am Going To The Larco Museum she volunteered to translate it into Spanish! I am thrilled to share ¡Yo Voy al Museo Larco!

(Spanish Copy) I Am Going To The Larco Museum, Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru gets a second Ability Guidebook! I Am Going To See Cats At Kennedy Park!

A beautiful city park. A whole bunch of cats. What’s not to love?

This is my second book for Lima and my third book for Peru! These books help people with autism get out into the world. That is my way of saying thank you to Peru for being such a lovely host during my visit!

I Am Going To Kennedy Park, Lima,, Peru

I Am Going To Kennedy Park, Lima,, Peru

Another Ability Guidebook for Lima, Peru! I Am Going To The Love Park!

One of these days I am going to get completely caught up! One book at a time…

In the summer of 2015 I travelled to Peru as a National Education Association Global Fellow. It was an amazing experience and we saw some of the great museums and cultural sights of Peru including Machu Picchu. The Peru Department of Education welcomed us and we toured schools and met students and teachers at one of Peru’s most respected schools and again at one of Peru’s poorest school. It was an incredibly enriching experience.

My way of paying back the lovely people of Peru who treated me with such kindness and respect is to make Ability Guidebooks. I’ve previously posted a book for the Inca Museum in Cusco and now I’m thrilled to add another book to the list for Peru.

I Am Going To The Love Park! Lima, Peru

I Am Going To The Love Park! Lima, Peru


A Brand New Ability Guidebook for Italy! I Am Going to the Roman Forum!

Rome is such an amazing city! Just walking through its cobblestone streets, soaking in the architecture and the history, feel like a gift. My way of saying thank you is to create these Ability Guidebooks with the photos from my visit. I invite others to do the same–create an Ability Guidebook for their own community. I will help any way I can!

Without further ado, I introduce the newest Ability Guidebook, this one for the Roman Forum!

I Am Going To The Roman Forum Ability Guidebook-2

I Am Going To The Roman Forum Ability Guidebook-2

Bon Jour!!!! The first Ability Guidebook in French!!!!!

Je vais me promener les remparts de Vieux Dubrovnik!

It is always exciting to announce a new Ability Guidebook but this one is extra special!  I am so proud to announce the first FRENCH Guidebook!! Thank you Mike Turay for spending your Sunday making this happen!

I Am Going To Walk the Walls of Old Dubrovnik (FRENCH)

I Am Going To Walk the Walls of Old Dubrovnik (FRENCH)


I Am Going To The Old City of Kotor! An Ability Guidebook For Montenegro!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The Old City of Kotor!

Whenever I finish an Ability Guidebook it always feels like a cause for celebration to me. I think that is because I picture someone with autism who has a hard time getting out of their house, but this book makes it a little easier for them and so they give it a try. These books are all about opening doors for people everywhere. That is why I try to make them for everywhere I go.

I am especially happy about this new book. It is my 50th Ability Guidebook and Montenegro makes my 12th country!

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 5.46.19 PM


I Am Going To The National World War II Memorial!

It is always a very happy to announce another Ability Guidebook. This is book number 49!  There are now four books for DC. Let your special education teacher friends or autism programs know!

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 4.54.25 PM

Ability Guidebook I Am Going To The WWII monument

Ability Guidebooks are the creation of Brett Bigham, the 2014 Oregon State Teachers of the Year. Many people with autism become stressed out with new experiences. Ability Guidebooks help alleviate that stress by allowing people with autism a chance to see what is coming up.  There are now Guidebooks for eleven different countries in four different languages with more coming up!

They make great field trip guides for general education students too!