New Ability Guidebook! The Colosseum in Rome, Italy!

Untitled design-9I am always excited when I have a new Ability Guidebook finished but this book is extra exciting!  It brings me great pride to announce that I have added my fourth country to the Ability Guidebooks series!

These books began as a support for my students with autism here in Oregon. By making these for my own city, I felt I was doing my part to make my own part of the world more welcoming to people with special needs.  Then on a visit to my mom’s house I made books for Oregon City and that enlarged my project from my home city to a bigger picture.

It is one of the reasons I was named Oregon Teacher of the Year and one of the factors in me being named a Global Fellow by the NEA Foundation. Being a Global Fellow has made me look at an even bigger picture and I made a goal of creating a book for every city that I visit. This included Cusco, Peru when I travelled there as part of my Global Fellowship and then on to Greece and now Italy.

I am super pleased to announce “I Am Going To The Colosseum!”

Buon Giorno!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The Colosseum!

(If you can translate this book into Italian or any other language, I would love to hear from you!)

Author: Brett Bigham

This is the creative website of Brett Bigham, the 2014 Oregon State Teacher of the Year.

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