I Am Going To St Paul’s Cathedral! Ability Guidebooks Explore London by Brett Bigham

Few buildings have as much history as St Paul’s Cathedral.

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Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To St Paul’s Cathedral!

I wish we had had time in London to get more pictures but we only had a day and half.  I’m thankful Mike is willing to stand in when I can’t get shots with the general public in them.  Sometimes the scale of the room is necessary to give a real idea of the space you are about to enter. Nothing shows that better than a person.  Without a model you have to wait ages to get a picture with just the right person to wander into the shot, at just the right angle and at just the right moment.

As a rule I try to get pictures with no faces in them but it is not always possible.  Often I will blur people out but that in itself is usually a bad choice.  Modern computer screens can be huge and a blurred-out face can be kind of scary on a big screen.  Since my goal is to familiarize people with a destination, the last thing I want to do is scare them with a blurry ghost face!

St. Paul’s does not currently allow photography inside so I am very thankful to the photographers who share their photos on  Wikimedia Commons.


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