¡Yo Voy al Museo Larco! A New Spanish Ability Guidebook for Lima!!

This weekend I was in Washington, D.C. for the National Education Association Foundation’s Global Fellowship conference. I am excited to say that I have been named an NEA Global Fellow and will travel to South Africa representing US educators. There are only a couple of teachers who have ever been named to this prestigious Fellowship twice and I’m proud to represent special educators.

(Spanish Copy) I Am Going To The Larco Museum, Lima, Peru

In 2015 I was sent to Peru to meet with teachers and leaders in the Peru Department of Education. This Ability Guidebook came from that visit and I am forever grateful to the NEA Foundation for allowing me to make my first international Guidebooks.

During this year’s conference I found myself sitting next to Sarah Merchlewits. When I showed her I Am Going To The Larco Museum she volunteered to translate it into Spanish! I am thrilled to share ¡Yo Voy al Museo Larco!

(Spanish Copy) I Am Going To The Larco Museum, Lima, Peru

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