I Am Going To The Old City of Kotor! An Ability Guidebook For Montenegro!

Ability Guidebook_ I Am Going To The Old City of Kotor!

Whenever I finish an Ability Guidebook it always feels like a cause for celebration to me. I think that is because I picture someone with autism who has a hard time getting out of their house, but this book makes it a little easier for them and so they give it a try. These books are all about opening doors for people everywhere. That is why I try to make them for everywhere I go.

I am especially happy about this new book. It is my 50th Ability Guidebook and Montenegro makes my 12th country!

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I Am Going To The National World War II Memorial!

It is always a very happy to announce another Ability Guidebook. This is book number 49!  There are now four books for DC. Let your special education teacher friends or autism programs know!

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Ability Guidebook I Am Going To The WWII monument

Ability Guidebooks are the creation of Brett Bigham, the 2014 Oregon State Teachers of the Year. Many people with autism become stressed out with new experiences. Ability Guidebooks help alleviate that stress by allowing people with autism a chance to see what is coming up.  There are now Guidebooks for eleven different countries in four different languages with more coming up!

They make great field trip guides for general education students too!