All Ability Guidebooks Are Now On-Line In Sway!

I am very excited to announce that I have recreated all of my Ability Guidebooks as Microsoft Sways.  By changing into this new format they are now recordable and viewable on a smart phone.  If you need them as a PDF drop me a line, but Sway has allowed me to address the problem of making my books accessible to people who can’t read or can’t see well enough to read.  Check out the Explore Helsinki “I Am Going To Senate Square”–the first book that also has audio recording to see what a difference changing formats makes!

I’m also THRILLED to say that Microsoft has taken me under their wing and have been sharing out about the books all week.  They have been so incredibly helpful and are truly hoping that by giving my books more exposure, that people in other places will also create some books for their own home towns!

All of the Sway Ability Guidebooks are here:

And there is a blog post here that explains everything in a little more detail: